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Our Brand

Our Brand

Welcome to our sanctuary of luxury, Eko Resort, where hospitality reigns supreme amidst the untamed allure of Jim Corbett’s jungle. Discover opulence nestled within our expansive space, boasting a grandeur that caters to families, corporates, millennials, solo adventurers, and hosts unforgettable events.

With a touch of elegance, our 4-star amenities stand tall, accompanied by the jewel of our retreat—the largest pool, inviting indulgence in tranquil waters. Here, each guest finds their haven, whether seeking adventure in the wild or moments of solitude in the lap of luxury.

Come, immerse yourself in the essence of Eko Resort—a tapestry woven with comfort, adventure, and boundless charm, awaiting your discovery amid Jim Corbett’s enchanting jungle.”

Experience the difference of being there in person.
Life’s essence lies in cherished connections. Imagine the memories awaiting, and remember

We’re here—so you can be too.
Presence is Significant
Flourish and Stories
Being There For Business
Ready, Steady, Event
Eat, Savor, Connect

When the time comes to travel again—be it to reunite with loved ones or reconnect with colleagues in person—we eagerly await your arrival. Join us, and let’s cherish those cherished moments together, creating lasting memories.

Reconnect and rejuvenate
Our hotels & Resorts are crafted to unite families and friends. As you unwind or bond, remember, ‘Kids Stay & Eat Free’* awaits!

We offer ideal settings for connection. Whether you need versatile meeting spaces for client engagements or a celebratory drink at the bar after a successful pitch, we are here to cater to your requirements.

Imagine the unforgettable moments you’ll craft when everyone gathers for a group event or meeting, with rooms, support, and ample space to foster connection.

Join us at our on-site poolside jungle café for a delightful meal and catch-up. Need room service? Simply inform us, and we’ll take care of it.

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